Five Steps to Fill Your Christmas Stocking

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How to Fill Your Christmas Stocking in Five Steps

Step 1: Filling the Toe

It is important to have a nice round gift to fit in the toe of the stocking.

The hand fold-up shopping bags, shaped like a rose are the perfect solution.  Choose from red, pink or purple roses.  Not a rose-type of a girl? (really?) How about a strawberry instead?


Step 2: A Surprise at the Bottom

A small little something hides at the bottom of the stocking.  Just when the recipient thinks that the stocking is empty, they find a small little box at the bottom.

A ring shaped like a cat, or a delightful dog shaped charm is just the thing!


Step 3: Shape the Heel

The heel of the stocking needs a circular gift to help keep the stocking in shape.

A round coaster will complete the bottom of the foot.  A choice of cat and dog designs can be seen here:


Step 4: Fill the Leg

Now it is time to fill the leg of the stocking with a selection of gifts.  How about a keyring?

Or a magnet?

Novelty ice cube tray?


Step 5: Add a Christmas Card

Christmas cards can be, well, just a card.  But here, cute dogs wearing a Christmassy collar stand up and hold a small Christmas note in their mouth.  They will delight any dog-lover and are likely to still be standing on the mantelpiece long after other Christmas cards are in the recycling bin.

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