Black Country Bear


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I am the Black Country Bear.

Do you like my t-shirt? It is exclusive to Black Country Gifts. It has a cooling tower, a coal mine, some factories, a canal boat and a canal lock on it.

Black Country Bear

Black Country Bear

On the back it just says ‘Black Country’.

Black Country Bear Back of T-Shirt

Black Country Bear Back of T-Shirt

I am 11.5cm tall but if I stand up very straight and stretch my toes I am 12cm tall.

I can stretch my arms and legs out so that I can reach 9cm across (but I only do this when I am exercising – which I try to avoid).

At the top of my head is a keyring attachment. This can be taken off but I use it as a safety harness. Once, I leaned too far over the canal bridge to take a look at the ducks and I nearly had to learn to swim very quickly. Fortunately, someone grabbed the keyring thingy and managed to pull me back up onto the bridge.

I would love to see more of the Black Country but I don’t want to get too close to the water again.

Can I join you on your adventures?

[Please note that although manufacturers claim to make identical bears, no two bears are every exactly the same.   There may be slight variation in each bear from the one pictured.]

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